Zoë van Horenzeggen is a visual artist. Installation, performance and interactive theater are the ingrediens of her work. In one word; the experience. Her work has a strong affinity with the world of the event. The interactive character of the event makes it a perfect habitat for her work.

Next to her own projects van Horen Zeggen works as a freelance activation designer and creative producer. In these productions she uses professional performers, outrageous costumes and interactive decor to create a mind blowing experiance.

Baloon Princes in Koeweit

Kuwait is a country of extremes. Outside it is seeming hot, 42 degrees. Inside, the air conditioning is always freezing. The city is like a veiled woman during the day. The streets are empty, there is nothing to see. High sand-colored skyscrapers conceal all life behind small darkened windows. As dead as it is during the day, the night is so alive. The city starts to fizzle after sunset. Women with diamond inlaid Dior headscarves, men with Armani jalabas. It is a parade of luxury and abundance. I too was allowed to taste what that life is like. I was allowed to join Micha de Haan, the Balloon King. To assist him in his latex artworks. Micha taught me everything about balloons, sarcasm and Brabantse humor. And we lived there as king and Queen. We had a personal driver, security men around us and everyone wanted to take a picture with us. During the performance, I got crying babies in my hand as if I were a saint.
The whole journey felt like a surrealistic dream. From my hotel room I had a view over the coastline where the turquoise sea and deserted streets meet. There in the middle was a tower under construction, with mounted white sails and a pole in the middle as the mast of a ship. Every time I saw that tower, I thought of my friends who simultaneously struck the first piles for the foundation of our dream at Landjuweel. Insjalla!


Exchanghibition Bank

The Exchangehibition Bank is a project by visual artist Dadara. The traveling exchange office exchanges euros into banknotes of 'one million', 'zero' and 'infinity'. We also exchanged notes of love and likes. I worked for the Exchangehibiton Bank when it was available at various locations at Oerol 2014 in Terschelling.

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I wrote an article for a blog named green shit.
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I'm graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy! I would like to invite you to come see the work during the graduation show 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 July.

We'll meet again is an interactive installation in which a performative encounter takes place. A one on one experience between the viewer and the artist. It empathizes on the experience of seeing yourself though another person. The work is a result of my research on the reflective ability of darkness. An interest which emerged from the fear of being alone in the dark.

We welcome you to explore the versatility of lightlessness and look for worth to meet you again.
Gerrit Rietveld Graduation show
More info on the Rietveld Graduation Show here
The man who shakes my hand there is my examiner Joop Mulder, the great man of Oerol. Nice talk with him about a new movement; experiential art! An art form that actively engages the viewer. A kind of hybrid between experience theater and visual art.
Finally!! After 5 years of struggling at the art academy, the kind of work I want to make is accepted. Joop congratulated me on the fact that I managed to build my own loft for an art form that does not exist yet.
On April 9, 2015 I have spoken to the Amsterdam City Council Committee. We wanted to find a solution for the problem of housing young people in the city of Amsterdam.

We were working on the development of a new living-work formula in public housing. This way of living / working ensures that youth peoples lives are not just about earning money to pay there rent. But that basic living is affordable, which gives more time to research what youngsters really want from life. Space to develop yourself. Space to professionalize. This new way of living / working we have now given the working title 'maternity room'.
That means all young people between the high school phase and the phase in which you are ready to settle down. This is the group that is currently struggling to find accommodation in Amsterdam. While 1,265,000 m2 of office space is empty. Sjoerd and I worked on this idea to use this unwanted space for the benefit of a new generation.
Generatie zelf doeners staat op
Blijburg interior design
Van Horenzeggen was allowed to give shape to the secret basement of Blijburg aan Zee. Through a hidden hatch in the bookcase you can find the stairs to the basement.
In collaboration with scenographer Sophie Doeland, this cement square box was transformed into an authentic living room.
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Van Horenzeggen was part of the Arena at the end of the village during Landjuweel 2015
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Kubist Kostumes by Sandra Kaas
Music by Jos Zandvlied & Septima Kuhlmann, Stichting ACCU
a Van Horen Zeggen Production
Electronic Family Parade 2015
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Me and my friends in a Dutch newspaper
Het Parool, August 2016
With great thanks and joy, I was part of Landjuweel Festival 2016 with artists collective At World's End.
Foto's door Jan Willem Groen
Riding a fire-breathing dragon through the desert!
Nowhere Festival 2016
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Photo's by Jan Willem Groen
Bye Bye Blijburg aan Zee
"MAGIC" coming out soon!
A short film by Marco Grandia.
Wardrobe by me.