A Day At The Park 2013

Next Monday's Hangover Noa's Ark
Van Horen Zeggen creates acts for events. She does walk about acts, stage acts and concept development for entire area's. Secret Area's is her specialty. She loves to combine Interactive decor, avant garde costumes, and experimental theatre to create a sensory experience. She has a grand network of performers, actors and creatives who inspire her and help make van Horen Zeggen notorious.

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Defqon.1 Trailer Trash Compound for E&I
Amsterdam Dance event NMH commissioned by Peter&Bill
La Gazage The Feast of The Earl
costume: Eva Wegman
Museum Nacht, Vincent van Gogh museum commissioned by Snode Plannen Productions
Man bijt hond Television program
A Day At The Park 2014
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Mysteryland 2014 Voodoo Grounds commissioned by Peter&Bill
Performance for Van Gogh Museum at Museumnacht 2014
Commissioned by Snode Plannen Producties
The Ministry of Time

Tedx Amsterdam 2014
A Day At The Park Festival 2015
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Business event Allen&Overy commissioned by Wink 2015