'Around the table' (working title) is an experiment to investigate what happens when social boundaries are broadened.
The objects on the table where specifically placed for each of the participants.
13 participants joined the experience unknowing what they would encounter. Nothing in this video is directed; it is purely what happened in the moment.
In between the footage of the actual event you see images of the installation how it is exhibited. The installation functions as catalyst for the moment, to turn its temporality into a moment that is imperishable.
Around the table
Televised is a sculptural installation of a house with a figure in it staring at the window as if it where a television. On the window there is an stop motion animation showing people going to work and returning home repadiatly.
The work is inspired by a poem by Gill Scott Heron (1974)
‘The revolution will not be televised’. In his poem Heron emphasizes on the events of his time in contrast to what is portrayed in the media.
Turn of the century
Regie: Zoë van Horenzeggen
Camera & Montage: Sandra Kaas
Acteur: Rik te Schilder
Stok achter de deur 2013
I could be the prime minister of Holland is a multi media installation. You can place your face in a mask and look into the mirror while the face of Geert Wilders is projected on yours,
saying; ' I could be the prime minister of Holland'
I could be the prime minister of Holland
I cherish a strong desire to understand life . As if there is a pattern or structure hidden inside which I wish to unravel. Life is an infinitely complex phenomenon , a phenomenon that can be illuminated from all possible sides and in all possible interpretations. Although I try to see life from all sides, I cannot. I am cursed , and blessed at the same time with only my own perspective. Only my eyes can see the world like I see it. It is a limitation because I will never be able to see life from all perspectives at once. However it is a blessing because the world I experience is mine and mine alone. Every moment that I experience is unique. Every moment has its aesthetic value . Beauty hides around every corner, for those who wish to see her.
For me, life and art are bound by each other through experience. Art is to be experienced , and to experience is life. A work of art is a manifestation of ones vision on life . This manifestation can take all possible forms and can be exposed in every possible way.
Art is infinitely complex because it is composed of subjectivity. It is made up out of endless opinions , tastes , views and experiences. The endless subjectivity of art is not only created by the artist. It is the moment art is displayed and beheld where the work comes to life. The moment in which the work is shared and the ideas can spread by itself, this is the moment the spark ignites. The spark of experience. It is a form of communication . The artwork activates the imagination of the viewer . The work speaks to the viewer . Now the experience of the work can join all the previous experiences inside the mind of the viewer. In this inner process, the artwork becomes part of the consciousness. The form in which the artwork is stored in the memory of the viewer makes it unique and one of a kind. The work becomes part of its beholder.

Artist statement
Wallpaper design for Slimtarra Extrapool
Wargame/Peacegame European Exchange Academy 2011
'Stok achter de deur' is een interactieve installatie. De toeschouwer komt binnen in een donkere kamer. De enige lichtbron is afkomstig vanachter een kier van een deur. Als je de deur opend word je verwelkomd door een daverend applaus.
We’ll meet again is a performative encounter. An one on one experience between the viewer and the artist. The performance takes place in a room specially built for it. The encounter empathizes on the experience of seeing yourself trough a other person. The work is a result of her research on the reflective ability’s of darkness which emerges from the fear of being alone in the dark.

We welcome you to explore the versatility of lightlessness and look for worth to meet you again.
We'll meet again