Solar Festival middendorp
In the heart of the Solar Festival is the village center, an interactive structure where the visitor can go in, up and underneath. In 2011 van horenzeggen worked on the decor and theatrical design of the building along with a remarkable team of creatives.
The Bees temple 2012
FireFly Festival
As assistant art director van horenzeggen worked along side Ilona Dorgelo on the development of FireFly Festival. With 30 artists in six minivans they drove to Portugal to record the festivals promotional trailer. In the preparation of the Festival van horenzeggen was responsible for the creative programming, the alternative catering and the creative content of the marketing.
De Draak
Magneet Festival 2012
The 30 meter long dragon at Magneet Festival was created by Jim de Ruiter and a beautiful team of creatives. Van horenzeggen worked on it as a producer and creative programmer.
High Chai
The High Chai, a concept of Ilona Dorgelo, is a traveling mobile teahouse. Vanhorenzeggen participated in the edition on OpenUp festival as facilities producer.
Van Horenzeggen Producties provides cultural programming, event management and creative production. She has collaborated with a wide range of parties such as festivals, nightclubs, cultural institutions, government institutions and various artistic initiatives.
Creative Producer
Burn Blijburg Monument
Van Horenzeggen created cultural events at the basement of Blijburg aan Zee in 2016. From live music to Burlesque. There was always an exciting evening at the basement.
cultural event creator
Blijburg Monument going up in flames! The cultural free port of Blijburg had to disappear to make way for the expansion of the city. But not without a great glorious farewell explosion of creativity, togetherness and love! Van horen zeggen produced the build of this magnificent beast.